It is with tremendous regret that we are compelled to announce the cancellation of The East of England Championship Dog Show, Open Show, and Just Dogs Live, due to be held at East of England Arena and Events Centre on 8-12th July.

This event is one of our stand-out summer events, hugely popular with the local community and attracting visitors from all over the country. But, in common with many other large festivals and shows scheduled for the summer, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel the event, and issue refunds to all exhibitors and traders,

Our responsibility is to the health of the nation, our employees, our customers and our visitors. Even if social distancing guidelines are lifted before July, we will not be able to put on a show that meets the expectations of our customers and visitors, let alone one that meets our own high standards.

Exhibitors who have signed up online will be offered refunds as soon as practicable, and any cheques received that have not been submitted will be destroyed. Any cheques paid in will be refunded, as will all the traders who have already booked in. Competition winners, who won free tickets to the event will be given new tickets to the 2021 event.

This cancellation will be a huge disappointment to the thousands of Just Dogs Live fans, but it has enabled us to begin work on the 2021 show, which is now scheduled for July 7-11 2021, and promises to be a canine extravaganza!