We are thrilled to report the success of our first major event at the Arena following the end of mandatory Covid-19 restrictions, The January Motorhome and Campervan Sale. This midwinter sale event has proven popular since it was first held at the Arena in 2018 by Warners Shows, the organizer also responsible for the Annual National Motorhome and Campervan Show, at the Arena April 22-24 this year, and a string of similar events across the country.

This year’s edition attracted 3911 visitors, exceeding the organiser’s estimate, and improving on last year’s gate by around 1000 guests. This year included the first appearance on the market of several motorhome models, generating significant interest, and demonstrating the value of a winter event in a sector that is traditionally quiet outside the touring season.

Nicole Hankins, East of England Arena’s event manager for the show, said, “Warners shows always deliver a well-organised and resourced event, and this was no exception. Mindful of the widespread circulation of the Omicron variant, we were reassured to see the public and the exhibitors taking responsibility for infection control despite the lack of legal mandates, using the hand-sanitiser we continue to provide throughout the site, and still wearing masks to protect themselves and others.”

Michael Douglass, events digital marketing manager for Warners Shows said, “The dealers, traders and public were evidently delighted to be back at the January Motorhome and Campervan Sale, and we saw genuine excitement around the new motorhome models for 2022 from leading manufacturers Swift and Roller, seen exclusively at our event. As always East of England Arena provided an efficient and integrated venue service, and our thanks go to Nicole and the team for looking after us so well.”

A short video from the event is available here – The January Motorhome & Campervan Sale 2022 –