It was a little disappointing to read the article on the Peterborough Telegraph website yesterday regarding Firework Fiesta.

Unfortunately, the article appeared to be a little misinformed. The venue has already made a statement that explained precisely what was happening to Firework Fiesta and confirming, unequivocally, that there would be a fireworks display that would match and better the previous incarnations.

We would venture to suggest that the headline should have read “East fo England Arena saves the Firework Fiesta” because that is essentially the truth of the matter. The event was a victim of its own success, having attendances that exceeded 10,000 people. With that level of success come a number of changes required to allow the event to continue safely, securely and within the law regarding areas such as health and safety and traffic planning.

The current organisers were unable to continue to deliver a fireworks display at its current scale and complexity. With that in mind it was decided, by the venue, to ensure that the firework display would continue, it will be run by a professional firework display company, operate at cost recovery basis in order to protect as much of the charitable donations for the original organiser as possible, and provide the people of Peterborough with a stunning spectacle.

It is a shame that the article sought to present the change in a negative light when, in fact, it is quite the opposite, the stakeholders have come together to ensure that there is a bigger and better event, delivered safely, and with the ability to grow and develop into the future.