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East of England Farming Conference


Are you Fit for the Future?

The East of England Farming Conference returns for its fourth successful year on Thursday November 1 2018.

The conference is designed to share solid information with delegates from all aspects of the industry providing them with ideas and inspiration that they can take away and adopt in their own businesses and careers. We aim to help delegates prepare for what the future holds whilst encouraging them to look for opportunities and create some of their own.

The day will comprise of three sessions, each with four speakers. Each session has its own theme, style and carefully selected speakers to share their story and inspire the entire audience. The conference will also welcome Tom Bradshaw, Tom Martin and Emily Norton as the session chairmen and chairwoman.

There will be refreshment breaks throughout the day as well as time before and after the conference, creating opportunities for discussion and networking.

Early bird tickets are available until August 31. Tickets or for discounted rates please call 01733 363513. For more details visit http://www.eastofengland.org.uk/eoefarmingconference/

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This event

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Closes 5:00pm


The East of England Showground
Peterborough PE2 6XE
Please use PE2 6HE
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